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20 Most Common Travel Mistake

 Recently , CNN Travel has shared tourists travel experiences through 20 most common travel mistakes.

1. Overpacking

At home, with available clothes in wardrobe, you could allow yourself to change your dress again and again after joining in an activity in a single day. However, for travel, this may trouble you. According to latest survey by Travelodge, two-third tourists often return from a trip with at least 6 unworn outfits. The lesson from this is that you need not a new set of anything for each day of a trip. Only 2 wears is enough.

2. Not buy something you like as soon as you see it

You think you will return that shop and that you will find a cheaper item in another shop? That evocative street painting or Metallica doll that you do not buy will haunt you for the rest of the trip. Hence, when you see what you like, just buy it and live with no regret for it.

3. Not check phone plan before departure.

You are required to pay international conversation cost when traveling to another country or region. It may charge more than you expected and afftec directly your budget.

4. Trusting “near city centre” descriptions


With hope of staying in city centre, many tourists believe in the introduction of hotels and book a room without consideration. Thus, many people get disappointed when realizing that it is not like as they expected before . This requires you to spend a large amount of money in traveling to tourist destinations and entertainments in the city. Therefore, you should find information about the hotel on Google or tourism websites before booking.

5. Forgot to bring copy of important papers

It will be a disaster if you are stolen important papers such as passport, tourism insurance, credit card without their backup. In addition, make sure that your passport and visa are still valid if you do not want to destroy your holiday with troubles.

6. Not take into consideration time zone difference

Tourists often forgot time zone difference when booking air ticket of hotel. Besides, they do not regard local activities taking place in the period of their stay. For this reason, they get difficulty in buying air ticket, booking hotels.

7. Thinking you know the perfect time to book a ticket

According to a recent research conducted by CheapAir, the appropriate time for cheap ticket purchase is 79 days before domestic flights and 81 days before international flights. Still, Tourism Agent Kayak concluded that the cheapest fares are found 21 days and 43 days. Meanwhile, the researchers at Texas A&M University found that Saturday and Sunday are the best time to get cheap fares and promotion. However, there is no golden rule. All totally depends on how much you understand tourism market.

8. Disrespect local culture

It would be a lack of respect to wear short pants to conservative countries. This will not have sympathy from local people.

9. Not changing money at the airport

When traveling internationally, the conventional wisdom is that only amateurs change money at the airport, because the exchange rate for foreign currency will be better in town.

10.Underestimating situations

Your trip may be put at risk if you do not arrive airport early or estimate bad possibilities such as traffic jam, car broken…

11.Buying cheap items

You buy something for cheap price regardless of their quality because you think you will wear them for only one week or not take them home? Lesson: not waste your money in unnecessary things.

12. Afraid of street food


No one like to get sick on vacation. Local people don’t like food poisoning you more than you do. The trip will make no sense if you travel a country and not eat the local food, especially street food.

13. Wearing expensive jewelry

This is the most efficient way to attract attention of thieves. To avoid from being a target of these bad guys, we advise you not to show valuables in public and keep your eyes on important items.

14. Over-reliance on guidebooks

Guidebook is quite convenient but not over-rely on it to plan for your trip. Instead, listen to real experience from travelers on tourism forums and websites.

15. Not buying the full insurance policy

What if you get accident or food poisoning in the trip? The insurance company will support you a part of expense but not all of it just because you did not buy the full insurance. That is why full insurance is very necessary for your travel, particularly when something bad happen.

16. Using a credit card to get cash


This is the quickest way to pay money visa credit card payment method. However, credit card companies charge high transaction fee with the fee from ATM owning bank. Besides, you have to check whether your ATM card is accepted in the country you are travelling to. Some banks even require you to inform them before you departure.

17. Using antique camera

You like taking photos in a trip and put your faith in antique camera or smart phone and tablet? You will have to regret for it when you come back home and watch bad-quality images.

18. Not checking visa requirements before departure

You are possible to come back home before departure because you didn’t realize you are required a visa before travel.

19. Missing the flight because of wrong estimation

Wrong estimating the time among the flights when transmitting or transport by vehicles is most common mistake of tourists.

20. Not printing important addresses


Do you ever ask yourself why you have to print list of restaurants, hotels from your computer while you have a smartphone, laptop or tablet? Because these electronics might not work with the local network as soon as you land, especially after crossing oceans.


Customize Tours

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

 “when is the best time to visit Vietnam?”

If you’re not entirely sure about the time to go, let us clear your clouded thought by a fact that any time can be a good time to travel to Vietnam.

Why? The different weather patterns from the North to the South of Vietnam give each month in the year an advantage.



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Visa on arrival in Vietnam

Visa to visit Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Visa to visit Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

For our clients who need a visa to enter Vietnam

Agenda Tour Offir for all its customers the administrative costs of the prior approval of Visa on arrival in Vietnam. This means that customers can prepare only 25 usd / person for the printing costs of visa and 2 photos Identities…

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Exploring Cham Culture at Po Klong Garai Tower

Exploring Cham Culture at Po Klong Garai Tower

 Po Klong Garai Tower near the city of Phan Rang-Thap Cham in Ninh Thuan Province is an attractive destination for visitors who want to learn about the culture of Cham ethnic people.


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