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Rice Terraces of Vietnam North 8 days

Explore main points of interest across Hoang Lien Son, the renowned mountain range located in Sapa. Enjoy ample opportunity throughout the tour to witness amazing rice terraces as well as meet vibrant ethnic groups and visit their colorful markets


Day 1. Hanoi – Nghia Lo

Day 2. Nghia Lo – Mu Cang Chai

Day 3. Mu Cang Chai – Sapa

Day 4. Sapa

Day 5. Sapa – Bac Ha

Day 6. Bac Ha – Hanoi

Day 7. Hanoi – Halong

Day 8 – Halong – Hanoi - Depart


Rice Terraces of Vietnam North 8 days


Day 1. Hanoi – Nghia Lo

Depart from Hanoi at around 8am and head for Vietnam’s Great North. Cross the Central-Northern region, with its red hills covered with rolling corn and cassava fields.

Mid-afternoon, arrive in Nghia Lo and stay at the home of one of the local White Thai.

Walk or cycle around Nghia An and its surrounding villages to discover the lifestyle and daily activities of the locals.

Enjoy dinner with your White Thai host, who will be more than happy to share information about the history of his people and their present way of life.

Spend the night at the Thai house.

Day 2. Nghia Lo – Mu Cang Chai

Trek toward Pa Lau village that is home to a hundred Black Hmong families. Learn about the unique living style of the locals as they choose to live with animals such as buffalos, goats and pigs in a beautiful landscape of rice terraces and mountains.

Travel along a scenic road to Mu Cang Chai. Stop midway to enjoy the stunning view of rice terraces from the neck of Cau Pha. Late afternoon, arrive in the small mountain village of Mu Cang Chai. Check into a city hotel or settle into a White Thai home stay. From here, enjoy a walk around the quaint village of Om Khom located on the back of the mountain overlooking the vast field where people grow rice, corn, vegetables and sweet potatoes.

Day 3. Mu Cang Chai – Sapa

Drive to Sapa along a plain carved out by the Nam Na River. Cross the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range where you can see the famous Mount Fan Si Pan at its highest point.

Arrive in Sapa, or “Cloud City.” The rice terraces set amid the swirling clouds around the Vietnamese hill station of Sapa are truly eye watering. The cascading green steps wind down the mountain slopes from the cloud line to the valley floor.

Enjoy lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon, tour the central market and Ham Rong Mountain. From here, enjoy a spectacular view of the city as well as the Muong Hoa valley.

Day 4. Sapa

Spend a day exploring ethnic villages in the vicinity of Sapa. Depending on your interests, choose one of the following options described below:

By late afternoon, return to the city and spend the night at the hotel.

Option 1: Walk

Drive from Sapa to Muong Hoa Valley located at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. Its accumulating point, Mount Fan Si Pan, is over 3000 meters high. Embark on a walking tour, passing through various terraced paddy fields. Meet the Black Hmong and Zay and visit their families.

Option 2: 4 hour trek

After driving 3 miles to Ma Tra, embark on a 4 hour trek to Ma Tra valley in the middle of stunning terraced fields. Visit the Black Hmong hamlet before continuing trekking along a trail that winds through rice fields, corn fields and vegetable gardens. Arrive at Ta Phin which is home to the Hmong and the Red Dao and is one of Sapa' most beautiful valleys.

Option 3. 4 to 5 hours trek

Drive from the hotel to Muong Hoa Valley. Stop midway to visit the Black Hmong village. Next, trek along a mountain path and climb on the slope of Ham Rong Mountain to Sin Cheng, a village home to the Hmong. From here, enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over majestic mountains, small valleys and lush terraced fields.

After walking for 2 hours, the road desends to some Hmong villages. Finally, arrive at Sapan2, a Hmong village that is located along the road connecting Lao Cai and Sapa

Drive 3 miles to Ta Phin, a small valley in the North of Sapa. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant before embarking on a short hike to visit the Hmong and Red Dao villages located in this valley.

Day 5. Sapa – Bac Ha

After breakfast, transfer to Bac Ha, the Flower Hmong country. Stop midway at Bao Nhai for a 2 hour cruise to visit ethnic minorities living across the Chay river. Have lunch with the local family in Bac Ha.

In the afternoon, tourists can choose to hike 2 to 4 hours to discover local villages. Spend the night in the homestay.

Day 6. Bac Ha – Hanoi

Bac Ha, a 'little Sapa' is  an ideal location for off-the-beaten-track treks to visit colorful weekly markets. Depending on the date of arrival, explore the bustling Bac Ha Market on Sunday, Can Cau Market on Saturday, Sin Cheng Market on Wednesday and Coc Ly Market on Tuesday.

The Can Cau and Bac Ha markets, in particular, feature local scenes that have been going on every week for generations, where cattle, horses, goats and dogs as well as a variety of traditional goods like saddles and plowshares, along with elaborate textiles, handbags and other trinkets are bought and sold by the local tribes people, the Flower Hmong. 

In the afternoon, enjoy a trek through Ban Pho, located a few miles from the hotel. These villages are nestled into a cozy valley with a stunning landscape.

Arrive in Lao Cai for dinner before taking the overnight train to Hanoi.

Bắc Hà is a rural district of Lao Cai province in the Northeastern region of Vietnam. It is the capital of the region of the Flower h'mong, one of the 54 minorities of Vietnam and of the 6 groups of h'mong people. It is famous for its Sunday morning market, where thousands of locals gathered, the women dressed in their very intricate hand-made costumes (it takes 3 to 5 months to embroider one by hand), as well as for the Saturday morning smaller market of Can Cau, 18 km north of Bac Ha. The town is enjoying an economic boom thanks to tourism, centered around the markets and, more and more, excellent trekking in the mountains north of the town.

Day 7. Hanoi - Halong

Take a journey to Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The bay, filled with thousands of limestone karsts and verdaant, monolithic isles, is truly a magical locale.

Embark on a luxury wooden junk boat for an enchanting 2 day and 1 night Ha Long Bay cruise.

Spend the night in a private cabin on board.

Day 8. Halong – Hanoi - Depart

Enjoy a buffet breakfast at 8 a.m as the boat begins its journey back to the pier.

Disembark at around 11:30 a.m and begin the journey back to the airport in Hanoi for departure flight




Rice Terraces of Vietnam North 8 days

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Rice Terraces of Vietnam North 8 days



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