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You're a couple, a family, a group of friends? You are planning a trip to Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia? You are looking for a private trip operated directly by a local agency? You've come to the right place! For 10 years, more than 15000 travelers have traveled with Agenda Tour to discover Indochina through our unique customized tours which are rich, diverse, and focusing on culture, landscapes as well as interacts with local people.

Vietnam Tour Operator

You're a couple, a family, a group of friends? You are planning a trip to Vietnam, Laos, or Cambodia? You are looking for a private trip operated directly by a local agency? You've come to the right place! For 10 years, more than 15000 travelers have traveled with Agenda Tour to discover Indochina through our unique customized tours which are rich, diverse, and focusing on culture, landscapes as well as interacts with local people.

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Best of the North - 6 Days

Best of the North - 6 Days

Discover North Vietnam’s cultural diversity and breathtaking scenery. From Hanoi’s colonial charm to..
South Vietnam Tour 5 days

South Vietnam Tour 5 days

Tour Description: The guiding to  the best destinations in South of Vietnam. Giving you a big chances to enjoy the beauty of Land..
Phnom Penh - Angkor - 7 days

Phnom Penh - Angkor - 7 days

Explore the charm of Cambodia in 7 days. Tour to the main attraction such as the Killing Field, the..
Highlight Vietnam Tour 8 Days

Highlight Vietnam Tour 8 Days

Hanoi: Sightseeing with a Local Guide; water puppets performance; visit Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Presidential Palace, and Temple of Literature; take a “cyclo” ride through the Old..
Rice Terraces of Vietnam North 8 days

Rice Terraces of Vietnam North 8 days

Explore main points of interest across Hoang Lien Son, the renowned mountain range located in Sapa. Enjoy..
South Vietnam Tour 8 days

South Vietnam Tour 8 days

Tour summary:  South Vietnam Tour 8 days discovers the southern land of Vietnam for all of highlights in this..
Vietnam Holidays 8 days

Vietnam Holidays 8 days

With friendly people and a lively air, Vietnam is a great family destination. This tour features the best of Vietnam, tailored to satisfy everyone from..
Vietnam North 9 days

Vietnam North 9 days

The northwest is still very much off the beaten path and is a captivating blend of dramatic landscapes and colorful hill tribes. This adventure takes..
South Vietnam Tour and Cambodia 9 days

South Vietnam Tour and Cambodia 9 days

Kicking off in sizzling Saigon, take a cruise along the Mekong and explore the ingenious Cu Chi tunnels of..
Best of Vietnam 10 days

Best of Vietnam 10 days

You may ask what the beauty of Vietnam is, this trip may give you an answer. Its Vietnamese people. We create this tour acording..
Spectacular of Ha Giang 10 days

Spectacular of Ha Giang 10 days

In this tour to Northern Vietnam, discover a region of colorful ethnic tribes and magnificent landscapes...
Luang Prabang and Southern Laos 10 days

Luang Prabang and Southern Laos 10 days

This tour offers you the best of the famous Luang Prabang and the enchanting southern Laos.  Cruising along the Mekong to visit Pak Ou Caves, bathing in the pool at the foot of Kuang Si Waterfalls, experiencing the Mahout Course are the bests Luang Prabang offers to you. In..
Vietnam Mekong Tour 11day

Vietnam Mekong Tour 11day

Ho Chi Minh - Sa Dec – Can Tho - Chau Doc – An Giang - Phu Quoc – Ferry to Rach Gia – Kien Giang..
Vietnam Holidays 11 days

Vietnam Holidays 11 days

With friendly people and a lively air, Vietnam is a great family destination. This tour features the best of Vietnam, tailored to satisfy everyone from..
From Fansipan to Ha Long Bay Kayaking 11days

From Fansipan to Ha Long Bay Kayaking 11days

    With its spectacular scenery and unique mix of cultures, Vietnam is one of the most welcoming of countries for a trekking holiday...
Vietnam charming 12 days

Vietnam charming 12 days

Vietnam offer visitors awe-inspiring beauty of the country's natural setting: the Red River Delta in..
Black Lo Lo in Vietnam 12 days

Black Lo Lo in Vietnam 12 days

Hike through landscapes of the grandest mountains of Vietnam - Discover local life and meetings with different ethnic groups in the..
Vietnam - Cambodia Tour 12 Days

Vietnam - Cambodia Tour 12 Days

Hanoi: Sightseeing with a Local Guide; water puppets performance; visit Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Presidential Palace, and..
Northern Vietnam & Laos Adventure - 12 Days

Northern Vietnam & Laos Adventure - 12 Days

We’ve designed this fascinating tour that highlights two of Indochina’s most exceptional countries. Discover Vietnam’s..
Vietnam Holiday 13 days

Vietnam Holiday 13 days

Covering the most popular tourist attraction and world heritages designated by Unesco for Vietnam...
Vietnam Tour North to South 14 days

Vietnam Tour North to South 14 days

Vietnam is perfectly suited for a family adventure. Children have few inhibitions and quickly break through..
Romance Honeymoon 14 days

Romance Honeymoon 14 days

A fourteen-day honeymoon with a touch of romance and plenty of time to relax. You’ll visit vibrant Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi, relax in the Resort in Nha Trang Bay and cruise overnight..
The Northeast Vietnam 14 days

The Northeast Vietnam 14 days

Trekking in the remote Northeast region * Contact with local ethnic groups * Magical cruise on Ha Long Bay * Exploration..
Highlights of Vietnam - Cambodia 14 days

Highlights of Vietnam - Cambodia 14 days

DESTINATIONS: Hanoi – Halong – Hue – Hoi An – Saigon – Cu Chi – Mekong Delta – Sieam..
Another Day in Laos 14 days

Another Day in Laos 14 days

The best of the best that Laos can offer is what you will experience with this tour. From the alluring sunset cruise in Luang Prabang, to the timeless natural beauties of Nong Khiaw. From the amazing cruise along the Nam Ou..
Vietnam Highlights 15 days

Vietnam Highlights 15 days

This tour takes you to the quintessential destinations from north to south ofVietnam. Within 15 days, this tour will give you a moderate..
Portraits and landscapes of North Vietnam 16 days

Portraits and landscapes of North Vietnam 16 days

This program was specially designed for photographers groups who want to discover the north of Vietnam. The destinations..
Highlight Vietnam Tour 16 Days

Highlight Vietnam Tour 16 Days

Hanoi: Sightseeing with a Local Guide; water puppets performance; visit Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Presidential Palace, and..
Vietnam - Cambodia Tour 16 days

Vietnam - Cambodia Tour 16 days

Explore the stately Hanoi Capital, marvel at spectacular Halong Bay, see unique World Heritage sites of Hue and Hoi An, discover the waterway of Mekong River and admire the majestic temples..
Discover Vietnam and Angkor 17 days

Discover Vietnam and Angkor 17 days

Destinations: Hanoi - Halong - Hue - Hoi an - Nha Trang - Da Lat - Saigon - Mekong Delta -  Siem..
Unforgetable Laos 17 days

Unforgetable Laos 17 days

This tour offers you the out-of-the-beaten track of daily life. You will discover the local life, the nature, and the biggest mystery of Laos (the plain of Jars). Throughout your visit, this tour brings you into the deepest jungle, the most breathtaking waterfalls, and the liveliest nature. You will also..
Vietnam Holiday south to North 18 days

Vietnam Holiday south to North 18 days

Travel the length of Vietnam, stopping in Ho Chi Minh City (in the south), Hanoi (in the north), and the beaches and small towns of..
Vietnam North Trekking 18 days

Vietnam North Trekking 18 days

Itinerary: Ha Noi – Lao Cai – Sapa – Ta Van – Sapa – Bac Ha – Can Cau – Ta Van Chu – Ban Lien – Na Lo – Bac Ha – Vulinh –..
Exotic Vietnam in 3 weeks

Exotic Vietnam in 3 weeks

This exciting three week trip allows you to discover the exotic places of the country, from North to South Vietnam, and stay in new and trendy hotels and resorts. This..
Vietnam - Cambodia Highlights 21 days

Vietnam - Cambodia Highlights 21 days

Destinations: Hanoi – Halong – Hue – Hoi An – My Son - Nha Trang - Saigon – Cu Chi – Chau Doc –..
Vietnam in depht Photo Tour 24 days

Vietnam in depht Photo Tour 24 days

Vietnam is a travel experience never to be forgotten. With a unique civilization dating back 4,000 years, this small but dynamic nation displays strong traditions..
Living among the Nature 25 days

Living among the Nature 25 days

Sleeping in a tree house in the middle of nowhere? Only accessed by foot; no cars, no noise, no fume? Yes, you can! Two places in one tour, just in Laos, 01 in the north of Laos, and 01 in the south; it is the chance for you to get deep into Laos. Together with it is the visit the Nam Et – Phou Louei NPA, where you can see the living tiger, Sambar deer, otters, barking deer, various species of civets, loris, porcupine and owls...

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Famille Edouard

Un magnifique voyage rendu possible grâce à Agenda Tour et ses équipes, aux guides extra qui nous ont accompagné. Merci !

Groupe de Madame Myriam et Monsieur Cyril VOLTERRA

Mention spéciale pour Huyen (Danang) connaissant très bien l’histoire de son pays grâce à lui nous avons appris beaucoup de chose.


Je tiens à vous dire que nous sommes très satisfaits de notre voyage et que votre prestation a très bien répondu à notre attente.

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Find everything you are looking for about our country - Vietnam

About tourism, history, culture, manners and customs, traditions of Vietnam

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

New travelers often have many questions and one of them is “when is the best time to visit Vietnam?”. If you’re not entirely sure about the time to go, let us clear your clouded thought by a fact that any time can be a good time to travel to Vietnam. Why? The different weather patterns from the North to the South of Vietnam give each month in the year an advantage. Besides, each vacationer may have different preferences. While some can’t endure the heat, others may detest the rain.

Vietnam Overview

It's said that Vietnam is the exotic tourist destination that famous for the warmth of the people, the long history, rich culture and customs of 54 minorities' ethnic group. Beside, the country also attracts more and more tourists with the variety of the stunning natural landscapes. Vietnam is also proudly to be location of 7 World Heritage Sites and many Intangible Cultural Heritages recognized by UNESCO, as well as the unique cultural values from the North to the South which contribute to an amazing and mysterious Vietnam.

Vietnam Geography

Located in the southeast of Indochinese Peninsula Vietnam has 4,639 kilometer-long boundary on land and a coastline of 3,260 kilometers long. Lower from the northwest to the southeast, Vietnam has the diverse topography with mountains, hills, plains, coasts and continental shelf.

Vietnam History

Vietnam is worldwide known as the proud of long-lasting history country which is divided into four main periods. The first period dating back approximately 200,000 years ago was the Pre-historic era with the Stone Age and Bronze Age. Vietnam's Feudal era including three main parts, the First Feudal Governments, Chinese Millennium, and Independent Feudal Period. Next is the French colonial era and Vietnam War with the Nguyen Dynasty and French Protectorate and Vietnam War. At last is the Vietnam in Renovation from 1986 until now.

Vietnam Government and Politics

The National Assembly of Vietnam, according to the Constitution, is the highest organ that represents Vietnamese people as well as the highest authority agency of the country. Under the direction of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Vietnam is on the way of building an equitable, democratic and civilized society as well as socialist-oriented nation. Vietnamese government, as documented in the Constitution works under the supervision of the National Assembly and regularly reports all businesses to the National Assembly. Term of government is a five-year period for key positions.

Vietnam Economy

he Northern and Southern Vietnam were unified as one state: the Socialist Republic of Vietnam but the economy still dominated by small-scale production, low labor productivity and lacked of modern technology. Since 1986, Doi Moi (Reform) has been launched in economy, politics and society, planned economy was transited to market economy under the control of government.

Vietnam Demographics

According to the State of World Population Report 2010, Vietnam's population is about 89 million people, ranks 14th in the list of the most populous nations in the world.In the near future, Vietnam's General Office for Population and Family Planning sets the goal of improving population quality.

Vietnam Customs

Different people, different identity! That is also true in Vietnam - a community of 54 ethnic groups. Each of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam has its distinct custom with many different traditional liturgies. But, they all contribute to a diverse customs of a big family - Vietnamese nation.

Vietnam Art Performance

Hue's royal court music is called "Nha Nhac Cung Dinh" (Royal court's refined music) in Vietnamese. It's an old form of art performance that used to official music of royal court for centuries. For a long history of existence, Hue's royal court music has become an essential part of Hue Imperial City as well as Vietnamese culture in general. ..

Vietnam Religions

Buddhism is the main religion as well as the most long-standing religion in Vietnam. According to the statistics of the Government Committee for Religious Affairs in 2011, the number of Buddhists in Vietnam is around 10 million people and accounted for 7.93% of national population.

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Immense Paddy Fields in Bac Son Valley

There are many places to admire ripe paddy fields in Vietnam such as Hoang Su Phi, Y Ty, Pu Luong…. Each place features distinctive beauty and Bac Son valley is not exceptional.

Explore Hon Tre Island in Kien Giang

Hon Tre island is an interesting destination when traveling to Kien Giang. The specific characteristic of the island is large and small exotic rocks.

Innocent Kids in Mu Cang Chai

Around September and October, people throughout the country flock to Mu Cang Chai to contemplate appealing landscape in mountainous area. The ripe terraced paddy fields are like golden carpets weaving wild and peaceful nature of the highland.

Da Lat Railway Station

Being closed after 20 years, Da Lat railway station is now re-opened for the public.

Elephant Trek in Ban Don

Associated with the song about little elephant, Ban Don is famous for wild elephant hunting and training. Thus, in addition to sightseeing of spectacular natural landscape, you should not miss an elephant trekking around the village.

Most Beautiful Mong Village in Southeast

While Pu Dao is still a brand new name to Vietnamese travel agencies, it was already regarded as ideal trekking place for international travelers.

Bird Island in Quang Binh

Bird Island or Wind Island is located in Quang Dong commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh province. Bird Island is currently the most ideal residence of swallows, one of the rarest seagull species in the world. It is also a perfect destination for Vietnamese and foreign tourists to Quang Binh.

Market Sessions in Ha Giang

Markets in Ha Giang always attract tourists because they are not just places for buying and selling, they are also meeting places for local ethnic minority people.

Historical Destinations Featured on Vietnam Banknotes

Monetary is not only payment unit but also representative to the culture, history of each country through the images printed on the notes.

Buffalo Market in Lao Cai

Similar to Dong Xuan market in Hanoi, Dong Ba market in Hue and Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh city, Can Cau buffalo market is regarded as pride of Lao Cai province.

100-year-old Villas in Da Lat

Da Lat is always known as the land of flowers, temperate climate and ancient French villas built in the early 20th century.

Cuisine Culture of Cham People

After a lot of article writing about food of King ethnic group in Vietnam, today, we would like to introduce culinary culture of Cham people. The Cham people prefer boiled and grilled to fried dishes. Their food tastes cool, sour or spicy depending on each season.

What to Eat in Phu Quoc

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, Phu Quoc allures tourists not only by breathtaking scenery but also by tasty seafood. Traveling to Phu Quoc, tourists will be excited at delightful activities such as swimming, snorkeling, squid fishing…and satisfied with fresh dishes processed from diverse seafood resouces in Phu Quoc.

Traditional Tuong Theatre must be Preserved

Viet Nam should publish books, video of tuong (classic drama), and host forums, talks, symposiums and shows at schools for students in order to preserve and promote traditional theatre that has existed for thousands of years, said Chua Soo Pong, a researcher of traditional art performance from Singapore and member of International Theatre Institute, in a talk with Vietnamese artists in Da Nang.

Climbing Ba Den Mountain Summit

Ba Den Mountain is 986 meters above sea level, the highest in the nation’s southeastern region.

Cho Tay, A Highlight Attraction in Hanoi

If flea market and fair highlight traditional beauty of Hanoi capital, cho Tay (market for foreigners) brings something new, attractive and distinctive.

Sa Pa Travel in Winter Weather

A holiday in Sa Pa on a cool days of late autumn is always good suggestion for visitors who love exotic natural landscape of beautiful highland.

Ham Rong Mountain, Wonderful Flower Garden in Sa Pa

Not only is the most perfect location to view Sa Pa, Ham Rong Mountain is also a royal garden with a collection of different flower types blooming throughout the year.

Discovering the Beauty of Quan Lan Island

(TITC) - Located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan Island (Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province) has become an ideal destination in summer holidays. From Cai Rong Port, visitors take about one hour by speedboat to discover Quan Lan Island.

Binh Dinh Approves Eco-friendly Electric Cars for Tourists

The People's Committee of the south-central province of Binh Dinh has approved the introduction of electric cars to serve tourists.

A Day in Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Bat Trang is the name of a famous long-time traditional ceramic village in Vietnam’s history. Situated at the left side of Red River in Gia Lam District, Hanoi capital, the Bat Trang village plays a very important role in preserving national cultural identity and diversifying traditional cultural values of Hanoi.

Tu Lan Caves to Welcome Tourists in November 10

Tu Lan caves system in the central province of Quang Binh will be reopened to tourists on November 10 after being closed for two months for ecological recovery.

Visiting Ha Giang

Perilous trails, hairpin turns, steep cliffs, and an unspoiled landscape- the things that make Ha Giang a must destination for nature lovers.

Cultural Diversity in Hoi An

Hoi An has many beautiful things to talk about and today we are discussing its cultural diversity. Located only 30 km from Danang city to the south and 40 km from My Son Holy Land to the east, Hoi An is regarded as one of the most attractive cities in Vietnam. Particularly, the Old Town of Hoi An was recognized to be a Word Heritage Site by UNESCO

Enjoyable Time in Cuc Phuong National Park

Established on 07th July 1962 under Decision No.72-TTg by Prime Minister, Cuc Phuong National Park is in territory of 3 provinces including Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa with total area of 22,200 hectares. Due to landscape value, diverse ecosystem, cultural and historical value, Cuc Phuong has been popular eco-tourism destination for many years.

VN Museum Presents Rich Asian Cultures

An exhibition entitled “A Glance at Asia” at the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology is showcasing rich cultures in Asia through original items.

Bac Lieu Hosts National Cai Luong Competition

The national cai luong (reformed opera) competition opens in Bac Lieu city on November 6.

Co Thach Beach, A Pristine Beauty

Co Thach Beach in Tuy Phong District's Binh Thanh Commune is a must-see destination in the central province of Binh Thuan as it has a pristine beauty, yellow sands and colourful stones.

Discover A Different Quang Nam to the West

The central province of Quang Nam is often known for its sunny Cua Dai beach, tranquil Hoi An Ancient Town and the mysterious My Son sanctuary. However, by travelling westwards, there is also a different Quang Nam where tourists can discover the nature and culture of the Co Tu ethnic minority group.

French Photographer Sells Viet Nam-theme Photo for 10,000 euros

A photo titled Best Friends by popular French photographer Rehahn was sold at a record price of 10,000 euros to a private collector at an exhibition in Brittany (France) in late October.

T’way Air to Launch Incheon - Ho Chi Minh City Flight

The Korean low-cost carrier T’way Air will conduct the first flight between Incheon and HCM Ctiy on December 24, said ‘The Korea Times’ on November 6.

Characteristics of Thai Ethnic Group in Vietnam

Thai people came from the Southern China. They have the same origin with ethnic minorities such as Choang, Tay, Nung. Under the pressure of Chinese and Vietnamese in the east and north, they migrated to the South and Southwest. The Thai people entered Vietnam from the 7th to 13th century.

Sad Love Story of Male Cave and Virgin Cave

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay is well-known for both fantastic islets with sparkling stalactites inside the caves and mysterious legends associated with each attraction.

Kiem Soup, Specific Vegetarian Dish in South Region

In South region, the Buddhists are in the habit of having a vegetarian meal in pagoda on full moon days or death anniversary. The dishes are prepared and arranged beforehand on the table by the monks with an indispensable dish of Kiem soup. So, what is history of the dish?

Pi Le Pipe, Unique Musical Instrument of Tay Ethnic Group

Tay ethnic group in Lao Cai owns rich and diverse traditional culture expressing through folk songs, dances, festivals and spiritual customs…of which there is a unique instrument namely Pi Le pipe.

Vietnamese Lip Lute Gets An Ambassador

VietNamNet Bridge – Dang Van Khai Nguyen is trying to introduce the Vietnamese lip lute to the world – starting with the kids in his neighbourhood. Mai Nga and Trung Hieu report.

Ritual Craft Becomes Folklore Art

The love of one man for the craftsmanship of a traditional village located in the outskirts of Hue has yielded strong attention from tourists visiting the country’s former imperial capital city, who regard the ritual craft as art.

Dressed to Impress

Traditional Vietnamese clothing used to reflect the wearer’s status within society and certain rules applied when it came to what to wear.

Experts Offer Suggestions to Remove Scripts on Halong Bay Caves

VietNamNet Bridge – Using paint remover, paint or specialized grinders to remove scripts written on the rock and cliffs in caves in Ha Long Bay, a world natural heritage site, has been proposed by experts.

Stir-fried Noodles with Sliced Pork (Mì Xào Thịt Heo Lát)

Stir-fried Noodles with Sliced Pork (Mì Xào Thịt Heo Lát) is again, one of my experiments and it is considered one of Best Vietnamese Food. Setting up this blog has resulted in me having to experiment with new recipes so that I can keep up with my postings.

Top Places for Snorkeling in Vietnam

If not interested in diving, you could admire the underwater life with glass-bottom boat in Yen Island-Hon Noi. However, it is not so blissful as swimming next to the fish, hearing your breathing, feeling the movements of the sea around you.

Tips for Hoi An Travel on Tet Occasion

Because Tet holiday is the most important occasion of a year in Vietnam, just like Christmas and Easter in Europe, most of companies and shops are closed to enjoy holidays. Therefore, travellers who want to travel to Hoi An during this time need to know the following notes:

Vietnamese Water Puppets Perform Danish Fairy Tales

A troupe from the Viet Nam Puppetry Theatre is touring the French cities of Lyon and Le Revest-les-Eaux to perform the classic fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

Mui Ne, Ideal Place for A Perfect Holiday

Located 22 km from Phan Thiet city to the Northeast, Mui Ne is an attractive tourist destination with immense sand hills and towering coconut trees running a long the beach.

Tu Van, Unique Shell Pagoda

Situated right at the heart of Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa, Oc (Shell) or Tu Van pagoda is a favorite stopover of many visitors.

Dong Ngac - The Ancient Village outside Ha Noi

Dong Ngac village is located about 10km from downtown Ha Noi, is one of few villages which have still kept intact the cultural features and old historical architecture despite the impacts of rapid urbanization.

Lao Cai Enhances Agricultural Product Quality for Tourists

The northern province of Lao Cai aims to strengthen technological application in agricultural production in a bid to ensure high-quality food and flowers for tourists.

Jetstar Pacific Opens Flights Linking Hue & Da Lat

Leaders of the central province of Thua Thien-Hue and the central highlands province of Lam Dong welcomed and offered flowers for nearly 180 passengers traveling from flights Airbus A320 of Jetstar Pacific from Lien Khuong Airport in Da Lat to Phu Bai Airport in Hue on October 25.

Cheap Rail Tours Start in Ho Chi Minh City

The Sai Gon Railway Co. and the HCM City Travel Association (HTA) have joined hands with tourism authorities in Binh Thuan, Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, and Binh Dinh to offer low-cost rail tours between the southern metro and these four south-central provinces.

Lufthansa Cargo Opens Flights to Ho Chi Minh City

German Airlines Lufthansa Cargo announced on October 22 that it will officially list flights between Frankfurt/Main and HCM City into its permanent fixture this winter.

Famous Street Food Stalls in Hanoi - Vietnam

You are a tourist? You like to explore culture of Vietnam? So, the most interesting as well as the fastest way to get a quick lesson about Vietnamese culture is to try our food. Vietnamese cuisine is very rich and diversified. Therefore, you can not have general view at luxurious restaurants only but go further to street vendors. Please come to Hanoi, paradise of street food in Vietnam and try the 3 following dishes to get started your food journey.

Passport and Visas for Laos

Laos is not a difficult country to access but there are, nevertheless, certain formalities that have to be observed and these may vary from border to border. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Laos Weather and When to Go

Weather Summary Despite having two distinct weather seasons you can travel in Laos all-year-round and with no coastline to influence things, Laos’s weather system is relatively straight-forward compared with much of Asia; consisting of a dry season (October to late April) and a wet season (May to late September). Within each season there are variations in temperature, with the dry months leading up to the wet season (March and April) and the early wet season (May and June) usually being the hottest of the year. Temperatures throughout the country are also greatly affected by altitude with much of the country at an level that reduces the country’s average temperatures by several degrees °C.

Seaplane Tours to Ha Long Serve 3,500 Passengers in A Year

Hai Au Airlines, a private air carrier, has offered seaplane tours between Ha Noi and Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province to more than 3,500 domestic and foreign passengers since the service debuted in October last year.

Banh tet, Traditional Food on Tet Holidays

The Tet holiday is coming. Therefore, there are million reasons to talk about Tet cake (also known as Don cake), a traditional Vietnamese New Year food, espcially in the Vietnam’s Central and the South with many variants and different flavors…

My Long Rice Paper - Ben Tre’s Special Food

My Long Rice Paper is a special food from Ben Tre province. Coconut rice paper from My Long are famous because they are particularly fatty, tasty and aromatic when roasted over hot coal.

Tea Festival Attracts International Participants

Delegations from many tea importing countries will attend the Tea Festival hosted by the northern province of Thai Nguyen from November 26-28, said Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Ma Thi Nguyet at a press briefing on October 22 in Ha Noi.

Viet Nam Airlines to Launch Hai Phong - Nha Trang Service

National carrier Viet Nam Airlines has announced it will open a new air route between the northern port city of Hai Phong and the central coastal city of Nha Trang from November 15.

Gu Bla - Unique Sculpture of Cor People

Gu Bla, one of the main sculptural works used in the Cor ethnic group’s buffalo sacrifice festival in Tra Bong district in the central province of Quang Ngai, is slowly being forgotten as the festival’s popularity decreases.

Xoi gac-gac, Fortunate Red of Vietnam

Do you know what dish representing the fortunate of Vietnamese people? That is Gac sticky rice.

Famous Street Food Stalls in Hanoi

You are a tourist? You like to explore culture of Vietnam? So, the most interesting as well as the fastest way to get a quick lesson about Vietnamese culture is to try our food. Vietnamese cuisine is very rich and diversified. Therefore, you can not have general view at luxurious restaurants only but go further to street vendors. Please come to Hanoi, paradise of street food in Vietnam and try the 3 following dishes to get started your food journey.

Explore Vietnamese Cuisine with Gordon Ramsay

The desire to explore unique cuisine brought Super-Chef Gordon Ramsay to Southeast, including Vietnam.

VietJet Air Offers “Golden” Deals

Low-cost carrier Vietjet Air is offering nearly 250,000 promotional tickets just from VND0 for a number of domestic routes.

Cu Chi Tunnel Enters Top World’s Most Attractive Underground Architectures

The CNN has just released the list of 12 most attractive underground buildings in the world including Cu Chi tunnel (Vietnam). Let’s admire fabulous underground architectures through the following pictures: The CNN described Cu Chi tunnel as a shelter, hospital, weapon caches of Viet Cong during Vietnam war. A tank was even found here. Stretching 120 km, the tunnel is a part of a larger subway system. The tunnel is now a war relic attracting a lot of visitors.. Here is the top 12 most attractive underground architectures:

Floating in Paradise of Lotus

For those looking for a short weekend trip, or those who just love travelling, a visit to Tan Lap "floating eco-tourism village" in the southern province of Long An is ideal.

Dong Da Festival, Pride of Vietnamese people

Did you ever take part in any Vietnamese festival? If your answer is “No”, follow us to Dong Da Festival in Hanoi to witness the formal rituals and join exciting games in the festival.

Oxen Race at Khmer Dolta Festival

Thirty seven pairs of oxen from 14 communes in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang competed at this year's Bay Nui Ox Race.

Nha Trang Mango Cake

Unlike common rice papers, Cam Ranh city in Khanh Hoa province is famous for specific mango rice paper. It is also known as Nha Trang Mango Cake because the cake is mostly consumed in Nha Trang.

Giac Lam Pagoda, Must-visit Spiritual Attraction in Saigon

Giac Lam Pagoda is well-known for the oldest temple in Saigon. Located at No.565 Lac LongQuang Street, Ward 10, Tan Binh District, the pagoda was built in 1744 by Ly Thuy Long from Minh Huong. At first, the pagoda was named Son Cam. Later, it is also called Cam Son because of its location on Cam Son Mound. The name of Giac Lam was only given until the Monk Thich Vien Quang of the Lam Te Zen lineage arrived and became the abbot of the pagoda.

Destination at A Glance: Vietnam

No longer held down by its past (or its politics), the slender nation of Vietnam makes for easy itineraries, book-ended as it is with two very different cities: poetic, tight-lipped Hanoi and zestful, go-go-go Ho Chi Minh City.

Enjoy Ha Noi Pho Like the Gourmet

Ha Noi Pho is available everywhere in Ha Noi as the townspeople have the strong passion for this delectable soup. You can find Pho in the Viet Nam’s capital all day and night. The bowl of the hot fragrant broth, the thick rice noodles, and the sliced bits of the tender beef or chicken wins the gourmets’ praises. Especially, Ha Noi Pho is said to be more aromatic and appetizing to the guests than any other counterpart.

Experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding in West Lake

To West Lake (Ha Noi), visitors can admire the charming scenery and have the opportunity to join Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding – a water sport originated from Hawaii and imported into Viet Nam for about 3 years.

New Cruise Ship to Can Gio Launched

A new cruise ship tour from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City to Can Gio District will be launched to bring visitors to the Nghinh Ong (whale worshiping) Festival.

Must-dos in Hoi An

Formerly a happening trading port in post-modern South East Asia, Hoi An is now famous for being an exotic tourist attraction in the South Central Vietnam. This UNESCO World Heritage site offers its guesses a peaceful ambiance. Most of the time, tourists prefer to visit Hoi An’s classic architecture and religious sites as well as to purchase traditional souvenirs and bespoke clothing from the town’s renowned tailor shops.

A Guide to Vietnamese Coffee

Strong and flavorful Vietnamese coffee makes converts as quickly as it raises pulses. French colonists might have introduced coffee to Vietnam, but the morning cup of ca phe soon became a local habit. With variations that make use of yoghurt, eggs and even fruit, Vietnamese coffee has developed a style of its own.

Banh Duc, Rustic Snack in Vietnamese Cuisine

Banh duc is a rustic cake of Vietnamese people. Despite simplicity, its flavor is really an unforgettable thing to anyone who ever taste it.

Earings of the Mong in Son La

Viet Nam’s northwestern region appeals to visitors for its natural beauty and the unique culture of local ethnic groups, which includes their costumes and architecture.

7 Best Tailors of Hoi An

Lots of tourists come to Hoi An in the hope of having tailored clothes within just a few days and at reasonable prices. Since there are nearly 400 cloth shops and tailor shops compact in this small town, there is a wide assortment for customers of all tastes to select. However, this multitude of shops also results in the fact that most tourists find themselves overwhelmed when picking the One amongst these.

Crary House in Da Lat

Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province has a famous guesthouse that was listed as one of the top 10 most unique architectures . The guesthouse is an interesting attraction drawing a lot of curious visitors traveling to Da Lat. At first, it was named “Hang Nga villa” but then being changed to “Crazy House”. The designer of the house is architect Dang Viet Nga.

Tuan Chau International Port Comes into Operation

On 7 October 2015, Tuan Chau Group held inauguration ceremony of the International Port (Port 2) after 3 years of construction.

5 Tips for First-time Travelers to Vietnam

Vietnam is a friendly and safe destination with the hidden charm. Being aware of the difference in culture, life style in Vietnam and some common senses will make your trip worthwhile and trouble free. Following are some useful information you might need for your first time travel to Vietnam.

Da Lat Jam, Sweet Gift for Your Family

If you have been to Da Lat, you must know that Da Lat does not only have poetic landscapes, stunning flower gardens, immense pine forests but also is the kingdom of Jam in Vietnam. While this specialty is only sold on Tet holidays in other areas, it is year-round snack in Da Lat. Jam in Dalat is quite distinct from jam in places in the world.

Vietjet Air Opens Ho Chi Minh City-Yangon Route

Vietjet Air, Viet Nam's low cost airline opened a Ho Chi Minh City-Yangon (Myanmar) route on October 9, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Viet Nam and Myanmar.

Chapi Musical Instrument Reflects the Raglai Soul

Wealthy people of the Raglai group possess Ma La flat gongs, but poor Raglai people have the Chapi, a simple musical instrument that imitates the sound of the Ma La.

Top 6 Must-do Things in Cat Ba Island

As having a long Vietnam holidays, you may consider spending some quality times in Cat Ba Island aside from Halong Bay.The activities below will offer you a different experience from Halong Bay as Cat Ba Island owns several unique nature features.

The Necklaces of Co Tu Men

Visitors to the villages of Co Tu ethnic minority people in Quang Nam Province on special festivals will have an opportunity to see men wearing the shining necklaces made of silver and agate besides the colorful and unique costumes dressed by young women.

Citadel of the Ho Dynasty

Location: In communes of Vinh Tien, Vinh Long, Vinh Quang, Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc, Vinh Ninh, Vinh Khang, Vinh Thanh and Vinh Loc Town, Vinh Loc District, Thanh Hoa Province, about 150km from Ha Noi. Characteristics: The citadel of the Ho Dynasty is considered as the only stone citadel remaining in Southeast Asia and is one of the few remains in the world.

Banh Com - A Fine Treat of Ha Noi

Ha Noi has many specialties on offer but one of the most renowned snacks which most visitors to the capital want to bring home as a gift for family and friends is banh com (sweet, soft and fragrant green rice cake).

Quang Ninh Museum and Library

Location: In the complex of cultural works in Cot 3 Area, Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. Characteristics: The building has unique architecture, charming space and plenty of valuable artifacts.

Bien Ho - The Eyes of Central Highlands

Bien Ho (Ocean Lake), which is in the middle of Central Highlands, is a worthy place to visit when you travel to Vietnam. The beautiful scene and friendly people around will impress you a lot. Spending one day hanging around Bien Ho and enjoying the atmosphere make your trip be perfect!

Spinning tops (Con quay) - A folk game

In summertime, groups of children often play with tops. Their enthusiasm and happy laughter attract an audience, old and young, and remind older viewers of their younger days. The folk pastime of top spinning still charms children despite the popularity of modern games such as bowling, skateboarding, billiards and video games.

“Chu Dau” Ceramic - Vietnamese cultural quintessence

Chu Dau Ceramic reflects the Vietnamese cultural characters human values of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Local Religion. It’s natural shape, bright and clear enamel, simply beautiful patterns have expressed the Viet Nam national culture.

Five Destinations Worth to Visit on Tet

The Lunar New Year (Tet) is a nine-day holiday, which is an opportunity for people to choose destinations to visit after a hard year at-work.

“Pho” - the Most Iconic Dish in Vietnam

The New York-based news website Business Insider has singled out the most iconic food to eat in 50 countries worldwide in an article, in which “pho”, a traditional meal in Vietnam, was declared a must-try.

Immense Sand Dunes in Ninh Thuan

About eight kilometers southeast of Phan Rang-Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province, the Nam Cuong sand dunes totaling 700 hectares are a must-see place for vistors.

Kites that Make Music (Dieu Sao)

Kite flying is popular throughout the year in Viet Nam but especially so in summer. People of different ages make kites of many shapes, sizes and materials.

Traditional Festival in October

Some amzaing traditional festivals takes place in Octorber!

National Week Honours Mu Cang Chai Terraced Paddy Fields

A national week of culture, sports and tourism honouring the values of terraced paddy fields and Mong culture is underway in Mu Cang Chai mountainous district in the northern province of Yen Bai from September 12-20.

Five Markets in Sai Gon Especially Loved

The reputation of five Sai Gon markets has not only spread in the country but also abroad. Ben Thanh Market The market is a well-known icon for long-time dwellers in HCM City as well as visitors to the country’s most bustling hub. Located downtown amid an abundance of tourist facilities, restaurants and shopping streets, Ben Thanh Market offers visitors all they need. At the market, one can find everything from everyday food to souvenirs symbolic of all regions of the country.

Cat Ba Cliffs and Rock-climbing Enthusiasts

The lure of rock-climbing has been bringing several local and foreign visitors to Cat Ba in recent times. It is an ideal place for those who love adventure sports to indulge in their hobby.

Hanoi Cheo Theatre

Hanoi is the cradle of several genres of traditional arts including Cheo or traditional opera. The Hanoi Cheo Theatre has, over the years, played an important role in preserving and promoting the art. The Theatre is celebrating its 60th founding anniversary this year.

The Beauty of Hon Khoi Salt Field

Hon Khoi is located from Nha Trang City is about an hour by motorbike towards the North in Ninh Hoa. Hon Khoi with beautiful Doc Let beach is an ideal tourism destination of travelers when come to Khanh Hoa. Not only that, there is also famous for the white salt fields with salty taste of sea.

Northern Mountain Area of Vietnam

Three-quarters of Vietnam’s topography is mountainous, and the most beautiful area is in the North of Vietnam. Far away from the touristy places, most of the areas in the mountains have not been affected by the travel industry, which has developed rapidly in this country. The spectacular scenery of the tremendous mountain range, long and winding roads up and downhill, incredible passes and valleys along the way, and outstanding terraced rice fields are the highlights of this area. In contrast to the big cities, there is very little traffic on the roads, and you can indulge yourself with the breathtaking nature on your trip.

UNESCO World Heritages In Vietnam

If you’re about to go see Vietnam, know that this country housing a considerable number of UNESCO World Heritages! Beside the naturally gifted enchantment valued worldwide, Vietnam is proudly recognized by UNESCO with the 3 sets of heritages. And if you’re keen on this subject, let us give you a complete Vietnam travel guide over the nation’s Historical and Cultural Heritages, Natural World Heritage Sites, in plus with the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. All of these prides give Vietnam a full competence to stand out as one of the greatest tourist destinations on Earth.

Ninh Binh Retains Values of Trang An Complex

Authorities in northern Ninh Binh province held a workshop on September 10 to consult experts about efficient methods to mange and preserve the local Trang An Complex.

Fish Massage: A Fishy Way to Unwind in Vietnam

If you’re seeking both relaxation and a tingling massage, why not go for a fish massage, available at cafes and spas in Ho Chi Minh City? Although fish massage has been a service offered in the southern city for some time, its novelty has not worn away yet.

Da Nang cuts prices to draw tourists

Nearly 100 businesses, travel agencies and hotels joined a promotional programme in the central city of Da Nang from this month through next March, offering a 10-60 percent discount for their service.

Thanh Toan Tile-roofed Bridge in Hue

Thanh Toan village in Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy district is one of the most beautiful villages in Hue.

First Buckwheat flower festival to be held in Ha Giang

Buckwheat (scientifically known as Fagopyrum Esculentum), a plant with clusters of small pinkish white flowers and small edible triangular seeds, which are used as a kind of food, creates striking sights when it is in blossom, making it a tourists draw in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai.

American reporters lured by Vietnamese cuisine

In her article introducing ‘6 Food Tours Worth Traveling For’, besides Peru, Miami, Jamaica, Mexico,… American reporter Claire Volkman of US News described Viet Nam as one of the world's most incredible culinary countries.

Palace of Nguyen Dynasty’s last king re-opens after renovation

A palace where Viet Nam’s last king Bao Dai lived from 1949-1955 in the resort city of Da Lat, the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, was re-opened for tourists on September 19,2015 after a year-long renovation.

Melt with the clip "Welcome to Vietnam”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) released the multilingual clip “Welcome to Viet Nam” in Ha Noi on September 21, which highlights the country’s beautiful landscapes, unique culture and 30-year reform achievements. It is presented in nine languages: Vietnamese, English, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabic.

Things to see in Sapa

The northwest market town of Sapa is colorful and charming, providing the perfect oasis in the midst of a strenuous mountain trek or rice-paddy tour. Here are some of sight-seeings in Sapa awarded Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor.(An certificate to accommodations, attractions and restaurants consistently earn great reviews from travelers) Muong Hoa Valley – Most fantastic rice field valley

Vietnam Airlines Opens Nha Trang - Hai Phong Route

The Viet Nam national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines on November 15th opened its new air route linking central city Nha Trang to Hai Phong city of flamboyant red flower.

Lao Cai Begins Trial Run of National Park Expeditions

The Lao Cai Province People's Committee has approved a trial run for a tour of Cat Cat village - Vung Rong - Gieng Tien - Sin Chai village in Hoang Lien Son National Park.

Visiting Bao Dai’s Villa in Do Son

Located on Vung Hill, Do Son District, Hai Phong, Bao Dai Villa is considered the only royal stopover of the Nguyen Dynasty in the North. With its unique architecture style, it has become a popular destination for tourists in Do Son.

Event Schedule in Visit Viet Nam Year 2016 - Phu Quoc - Mekong River Delta

Visit Viet Nam Year 2016 - Phu Quoc - Mekong River Delta with the theme “Exploring Southern Land” is a typical cultural-economic-social event with national scale hosted by Kien Giang in coordination with localities in the Mekong River Delta region, Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang City, provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Lam Dong and Lao Cai.

Best Beaches in Vietnam

Vung Tau is Ho Chi Minh City's closest beach resort, and can be reached by a picturesque hydrofoil ride down the Saigon River or by a rather circuitous highway route. The water is not terribly clean, but the town with its fishing fleet and outdoor restaurants is colorful and relaxing. Thousands flock there on Sunday afternoons to jump into the surf with most of their clothes on. Bai Truoc (Front Beach) is most popular.

Sapa and villages minorithes

The ancient church is known as stone church or the Holy Rosary church which is located in the heart of Sapa town built by the French from the early 20th century. Before starting to build this structure, the French architect selected carefully about the terrain. The shape and architecture of the church was built by cross. This architecture presented in the roof, bell tower… which created the elegant church.

Bac Ha Market, Can Caua Market, Cao Son Market, Lung Khau Nhin, Coc Ly Market, Sin cheng Market

For men, the market is a place for they meet and drink wine. The horse is the most attractive for men; they come from remote villages, even people from the provinces of Bac Giang, Ha Tay… They come here to trade horses.

Van Mieu Doctoral Steles Recognised as National Treasure

A collection of 82 doctoral laureate steles at Ha Noi’s Van Mieu - Temple of Literature, which was the country’s first university, has been recognised as national treasure.

Vietjet Inaugurates Ho Chi Minh City - Seoul Flight

The budget airline Vietjet inaugurated its new route linking Ho Chi Minh City and capital Seoul of the Republic of Korea on November 23.

Events Celebrate Khmer’s Ok-Om-Bok Festival

A host of events were scheduled to celebrate ethnic Khmer people’s Ok-Om-Bok (worshipping the moon) festival in southern Tra Vinh province from November 20 to 25.

Conquering Toi Cave (Dark Cave) in Quang Binh

(TITC) - Belongs to Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, about 50 kilometers to the northwest of Dong Hoi City, Toi Cave is the only cave in Viet Nam operating ‘‘mud-bathing inside the cave’’ service.

Lady Thu Bon Festival

Lady Thu Bon Festival is a traditional festival of old Champa people that was inherited by Vietnamese people and taken place on 12th February of lunar calendar every year at Lady Thu Bon’s Palace in Duy Tan commune, Duy Xuyen district.

Ha Giang is Amazing through Pictures of Backpackers

With unspoiled landscapes, imposing mountains and beautiful flowers, visitors will certainly be allured by Ha Giang right at first sight. Let’s admire the wild beauty of Ha Giang through the amazing photos of backpackers.

Explore Charming Beauty of Tu Lan Cave

A long with the other famous caves, namely Paradise Cave (Thien Duong in Vietnamese), Son Doong Cave, Tu Lan Cave System also has a contribution to attract the travelers coming to Quang Binh Province.

Ben En National Park in Thanh Hoa

Ben En National Park is located in Nhu Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province and 36 km away from Thanh Hoa city to the Southwest. It covers a total area of 16.634 ha, of which 8.544 ha is primitive forest with a complex of mountains, rivers, streams, lakes with many names and legends about destinations.

Visiting Phan Thiet from A Different Perspective

Phan Thiet City in the south-central coast province of Binh Thuan is locally and internationally famous as a paradise of stunning beach resorts. There are hundreds of beautiful resorts in Phan Thiet’s Mui Ne for domestic and foreign guests to choose as great hideaways. But when in the city, tourists should not miss a chance of visiting breathtaking sand dunes and Bau Sen (lotus lagoon).

Thai Phien Flower Village in Dalat

Thai Phien, a traditional flower village has recently become a popular tourist destination in Dalat with thousands of arrivals every year.

Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City Listed in Top 10 World’s Destinations with Reasonable Cost

The world’s famous travel guide book publisher “Lonely Planet” has just announced the top 10 world’s destinations with reasonable cost . Both Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City have ranked 2nd.

Vietnam Airlines to Offer Promotional Tickets for Tet Festival

National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines (VNA) is holding a promotion on flights for selected domestic routes on the occasion of the Tet (Lunar New Year) festival.

Mang Den Eco-tourism Area in Kon Tum

Referred to as “Dalat in Kontum”, Mang Den eco-tourism area has been becoming favorite destination of many tourists. Situated at over 1,000 m above sea level, Mang Den owns a lot of beautiful landscapes, year-round cool climate, 20 degree below average temperature, surroundings are primitive forests and a large ancient pine forest along National Highway No.24 with 80% forest cover.

Visit Tan Trao Special National Historical Relic

Let’s learn Vietnamese history through a visit to Tan Trao special national historical relic-where President Ho Chi Minh and Central agencies lived and worked in the resistance war against the French colonialists, situated in territory of communes: Tan Trao, Minh Thanh, Trung Yen, Binh Yen, Luong Thien (Son Duong district); Kim Quan, Trung Son, Hung Loi, Trung Minh, Dao Vien, Cong Da, Phu Thinh (Yen Son district). The Tan Trao historical site has a total area of 561.1 km2 with 18 typical relics and vestiges recognized as National Historical Relic.

Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Area: 1,989.6 sq. km Population: 926,3 thousand habitants (2006) Capital: Vung Tau City Administrative divisions: - Town: Ba Ria. - Districts: Chau Duc, Xuyen Moc,Tan Thanh, Long Dien, Dat Do, Con Dao. - Ethnic groups:Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Cho Ro, Khmer...

Peaceful Tha Village

Quiet, authentic, picturesque - Tha village is well known among tourists for its charm and peaceful beauty. Located just 2km from Ha Giang, Tha village stands out for its stilt houses, green bamboo groves and lush rice fields.

Con Dao Welcomes more Tourists as People Flood to Island Paradise

More than 2,300 foreign tourists have booked rooms at hotels and resorts this month on Con Dao Islands off the southern province of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, up 35 per cent year-on-year, according to the Con Dao District tourism authorities.

Exploring Cham Culture at Po Klong Garai Tower

Po Klong Garai Tower near the city of Phan Rang-Thap Cham in Ninh Thuan Province is an attractive destination for visitors who want to learn about the culture of Cham ethnic people.


Binh Dinh

The heart of the province is Quy Nhon City which is 1,065km from Hanoi and 649km from Ho Chi Minh City. Binh Dinh is adjacent to Quang Ngai Province to the north, Gia Lai Province to the west, and Phu Yen Province to the south. It has a long coastline of approximately 100km, and includes both small and big islands off-shore.

Ho Chi Minh City and Around

Ho Chi Minh City – or Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, to give it its full Vietnamese title – is Vietnam’s centre of commerce and the country’s biggest city, though not its administrative capital – an honour that rests with Hanoi.

Chau Doc - An Giang

An Giang is a province in Vietnam that borders Cambodia. It is most popular for being the place where one finds Chau Doc. The city is situated at the intersection of a tributary linking the Bassac and Mekong Rivers. Chau Doc may be a little city, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in colours and is probably the only place where pastel colours are chosen to beautify store fronts.

Vung Tau Travel Guide

Vũng Tàu is the largest city and former capital of Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu Province in Vietnam. The city area is 140 km2 (54 sq mi), consists of thirteen urban wards and one commune of Long Son Islet. Vũng Tàu was the capital of the province until 2012, and is the crude oil extraction center of Vietnam.

Discover Phu Quoc Island

This peaceful tropical paradise, floats in the warm turquoise waters in the Gulf of Thailand, 50kms from the Vietnamese mainland and a 50 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).Open year round with a peak season from November to March, Phu Quoc is becoming well known for stunning beaches, untouched natural environment, the easy going and relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, and fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling.

The Southern-most Province, Ca Mau

Ca Mau is the Southern-most province of Vietnam, having Ca Mau City as its capital. With a total area of 5331.7 km2, the province borders KienGiang Province to the north, Bac Lieu Province to the northeast, the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest and East sea to the east and northeast. The coastline of Ca Mau, which has a total length of 307km, embraces three side of this southern province.

Ninh Thuan Province

It is 1, 382km from Hanoi and 350km from Ho Chi Minh City. The province is next to Khanh Hoa Province to the North, Binh Thuan Province to the South and the East Sea to East. This province is the important point of the economic center in the middle of Vietnam, and a crucial transportation node with the North.

Soc Trang

Soc Trang city is about 240km south of Ho Chi Minh city and 60 km southeast of Can Tho city. The name “Soc Trang” comes from a Khmer name “Srok Kh'leang” which means “a place where silver is stored”. This is also where most of Khmer people live. Therefore, beside Kinh’s culture (the major people in Viet Nam), Khmer cultural characteristics can be seen everywhere, especially at Khmer pagodas.

Binh Duong

Binh Duong is a province in the Southeastern part of Vietnam. It borders with Binh Phuoc to the North, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to the South and Southwest, Tay Ninh to the West and Dong Nai to the East.

Introducing Ben Tre

Ben Tre Province is located 85 km South of Ho Chi Minh City in the Mekong River Delta, with an area of 2,315 km 2. It lies below Tien Giang Province to the north, Vinh Long to the west, and Tra Vinh to the south. Ben Tre is nestled between two main branches of the Mekong’s largest tributary, which diverges to create a fertile agricultural region and beautiful coastline.

Can Tho Province

With the population of nearly 1.2 million and good infrastructure as well as investment for development, Can Tho is considered as the central city of this region.

Beauty of Dong Thap

A part of the South-Western Region of Vietnam, Dong Thap is a province with a highly developed agriculture industry. It adjoins Cambodia to the North with 4 border gates (Thong Binh, Dinh Ba, My Can, ThuongPhuoc), Vinh Long Province and Can Tho City to the South, An Giang Province to the West, and Long An plus TienGiang Provinces to the East.

Information of Tay Ninh

It is adjacent to Cambodia to the West and the Northwest, Binh Duong Province and Binh Phuoc Province to the East, Ho Chi Minh City and Long An Province to the South. A demography survey of Tay Ninh in 2009 showed a population of 1,066,402 people. Nowadays, Tay Ninh consists of 8 districts and Tay Ninh City, which is also the province’s capital.

Everything about Quy Nhon

The Quy Nhon coastal city in Binh Dinh has recently become more popular in the travel guide book of many tourists. One of the reasons for this positive change is the direct flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon City.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Warm-hearted, welcoming and traditional, but never out of touch with the outside world, the people of Hoi An are in overdrive mode trying to catch up to the opportunities their new found fame has recently given them.

Da Lat - Valley of Love

Dalat looks like a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps. Many of its hotels and houses were built in a French style during the French colonization. There are many places for tourists interested in architecture to visit, such as Dalat Railway Station, designed by French architects Moncet and Reveron, or Hang Nga guest house, a.k.a ‘Crazy house’ which is also an interesting place to stay.

Thanh Hoa Province

Thanh Hoa is one of the biggest provinces in Vietnam, located 150km from Hanoi and 1,560 km from Ho Chi Minh City. This province has an important role that is being the northern tip of central Vietnam, adjacent to Son La, Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh to the north and Nghe An to the south. The province is also contiguous to the East Sea and Hua Phan Province of Laos. This position gives Thanh Hoa a crucial role in the Northern economic region of Vietnam.

Modern Da Nang City

Nowhere in Vietnam is changing as fast as Danang. For decades it had a reputation as a provincial backwater, but big changes are ongoing. Stroll along the Han riverfront and you'll find gleaming new modernist hotels, apartments and restaurants are emerging. Spectacular new bridges now span the Han river and in the north of the city the landmark new D-City is rising from the flatlands.

Phu Yen in Vietnam

Phu Yen province encompasses a diverse landscape of mountains, rivers, lagoons and fertile plains with nearly 200 kilometres of shoreline along Vietnam's curving south-central coast. Lesser known than the beach resort town of Nha Trang, about 120 kilometres away to the south, Phu Yen is a place where visitors can still enjoy having a wide patch of golden sand to themselves.

Best thing of Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a coastal resort town in Phan Thiet – the capital of Binh Thuan province, about 4 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City. The name ‘Mui Ne’ interestingly has many origins. The first meaning comes from the fishing people in the past. They usually faced sea storms, so they used to hide in a cape, which was called ‘Mui’ in Vietnamese, and ‘hide’ meant ‘Ne’. The second one originated as the name of the youngest daughter of Cham King – who was known as the owner of this land. Her alias was Ne, therefore, the cape where her temple was built, was called ‘Mui Ne’.

Dak Lak in the Center of Tay Nguyen

Dak Lak (or Dac Lac) is a province located in the center of Tay Nguyen. It adjoins Gia Lai Province to the North, Lam Dong Province to the South, Dak Nong Province to the Southwest, Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa Provinces to the East, and Cambodia to the West. The border between the two countries in Dak Lak is 70 km long.

The Charm of Hue

Palaces and pagodas, tombs and temples, culture and cuisine, history and heartbreak – there’s no shortage of poetic pairings to describe Hue (pronounced ‘hway’). A Unesco World Heritage site, this deeply evocative capital of the Nguyen emperors still resonates with the glories of imperial Vietnam, even though many of its finest buildings were destroyed during the American War.

Nha Trang, Most Famous Seaside Resort-town

Considered Vietnam’s most famous seaside resort-town, Nha Trang attracts foreign tourists for not only its stunningly pristine beaches but also the urban atmosphere of a young tourist city.

About Nghe An Province

As Nghe An is parts of the giant Truong Son Mountain Range, 83% of its area is mountainous, making its topography highly complicated. The terrain has a descending slope from North-West to South-East; is separated by mountains, hills, rivers, streams, etc. into many small valleys. In terms of height, the 2,711m high Pulaileng Peak in Ky Son District is most noticeable, while the 0.2m high plains in Yen Thanh Districts are the most humble. Besides, Nghe An also has a highly dense system of rivers with a total length of 9828km.

Introducing Cao Bang

Mountainous Cao Bang province is one of the most beautiful regions in Vietnam. Cao Bang itself is more prosaic, but it is a useful base to explore the surrounding countryside. The climate is mild here, and winter days can get chilly when a thick fog clings to the banks of the Bang Giang River.

Thai Nguyen Province

Thai Nguyen is beautiful and slow pace midland province; it located closely to Hanoi capital city. In Vietnam when ever talking about Thai Nguyen, people cannot helping imagine about typical local special production of green tea, it accessible long national road number 3 within 60km northern of Hanoi sharing border with neighborhood province such as Hanoi capital on the south, Bac Can on the north; Vinh Phuc, Tuyen Quang on the west, Lang Son, Bac Giang on the east.

Lai Chau - A Beautiful Moutainous Land

As far as 450 kilometers from the capital, there locates a highland in northwest Vietnam, namely Lai Chau (Province). This complex of plateaus is situated at the altitude of 1,500m above sea level, comprising high mountains, pure streams and rivers. It shares borderline with Yun Nan province (China) in about 273 km to the North, Son La, Dien Bien to the west and south, and Lao Cai to the east.

Dien Bien Phu with Heroic History

Dien Bien Phu (DBP) sits in the heart-shaped Muong Thanh Valley, surrounded by heavily forested hills. The scenery to or from DBP is stunning, with approach roads scything through thick forests and steep terrain. The city itself lies more prosaically on a broad dry plain. Thai, H’mong and Si La people live in the surrounding mountains, but the city and valley are mainly inhabited by ethnic Vietnamese.

Hoa Binh Travel Guide

Hoa Binh is a mountainous province, situated in the west of Hanoi. The land has a long history associated with the history and development of Vietnamese. Hoa Binh is the land of many ethnic people, in which has 7 main ethnics: Muong, Thai, Tay, Dao,Mong, Chinese and Kinh. Natural conditions and cultural history have created potential tourist attractions.

Nam Dinh Travel Guide

This province has a pristine 74km long seaside with great potential to develop both its fishing and water tourism economy. Currently, the economy of Nam Dinh depends mainly on agriculture, and is in fact one of the most important agricultural areas in Northern Vietnam. Nevertheless, the province is transforming rapidly from an agricultural to an industrial base, and aims to become one of the biggest industrial centers of Vietnam.

All About Lang Son Province

Lang Son is a northern province of Vietnam. With two international border gates, Dong Dang and Huu Nghi, Lang Son holds an important position in Vietnam economy. In addition to the two gates, the province also possesses 7 markets along its border with China.

Bac Ninh Province’s Attractions

Lying about 35 km Northeast of Hanoi, Bac Ninh is by and large an underrated destination in most travel guide book. For the two thousand years in existence, Bac Ninh is vivid in Vietnamese mind as a land of the talents: there were times that the province contributed as much as 25% of people with doctorate degree in Vietnam. The talent is not only shown academically but also artistically.

Phu Tho Province

It shares the border with Tuyen Quang, Yen Bai, Vinh Phuc, Ha Noi, Son La, Hoa Binh provinces. With Viet Tri city as its capital, Phu Tho Province is only 80km away from Hanoi. Noi Bai International Air Port lies between the two cities, locating 50km to the North-west of Viet Tri City.

Hai Phong Travel Guide

Located 120 km to the East of Hanoi Capital, Haiphong, is one of the most developed coastal cities in the country with many natural heritages and charming landscapes. Haiphong shares borders with Quang Ninh province to the north, Hai Duong province to the west and Thai Binh province to the South. The Bach Long Vi Island, which belongs to the city administration, is located in the middle of the Tonkin Gulf.

Bac Kan Province

With an area of 4868.4 sq. km, it adjoins many other provinces such as Cao Bang (to the north), Tuyen Quang (to the west), Lang Son (to the south-east) and Thai Nguyen (to the south). Most of Bac Kan’s surface are mountains and hills, accompanied by a complicated network of springs, streams and rivers.

Introducing Son La Province

Son La is located in Northwestern Vietnam with its topography fully describe geographical traits of this area of Vietnam with many mountains, hills, rivers and mineral sources, surrounded by primitive forests. Son La border quite many provinces such as Lao Cai and Yen Bai to the North; Phu Tho and Hoa Binh to the East; Dien Bien to the West; and Thanh Hoa and Laos to the South.

Ninh Binh Travel Guide

Ninh Binh is a province in Red river delta. It is far about 90 kilometers from Hanoi with convenient transportation system. Nature blesses this land many fascinating landscape, famous cavessuch as Tam Coc - Bich Dong, Trang An cave, Phat Diem cathedral, Van Long natural reserve, Kim Son...

Ha Giang Vietnam

Ha Giang is a province in northeastern Vietnam,bordering China. Ha Giang has many mountains, many old growth forests, many precious wood, and 1.000 kinds of rare herbs. Ha Giang has special cultural products of more than 20 ethnic, a memorable destination by the natural landscape and people in her

Sapa Vietnam

Sapa located in the north - west of Vietnam. It belongs to Lao Cai province, which a modest land but hides many wonders of the natural scene. The natural beauty of Sapa is combined with human creativity, the topography of the mountains, green forests, which creates romantic spot.

Halong Bay and Grotto System and Island

Located in northeast Vietnam, Halong Bay is one part of the Tonkin Gulf. It was called 'the wonder standing in the heaven' by a world cultural Celebrities-Nguyen Trai. In 1994, Halong Bay was recognized as the World natural heritage about the values of geomorphology by UNESCO.

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island which includes 367 islands, located in the south of Halong. It has been recognized as the world biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Many tourists have to affirm that it is the most beautiful and romantic island when they come to the area.

Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Northern Vietnam and keeps this role until now. The city is located on the right bank of the Red River and far about 1760 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi features a warm humid subtropical climate with plentiful precipitation. In addition, Hanoi is considered one of the main cultural centers of Vietnam, where most Vietnamese dynasties have left their imprint.

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Famille Edouard

Famille Edouard

Un magnifique voyage rendu possible grâce à Agenda Tour et ses équipes, aux guides extra qui nous ont accompagné. Merci !
Groupe de Madame Myriam et Monsieur Cyril VOLTERRA

Groupe de Madame Myriam et Monsieur Cyril VOLTERRA

Mention spéciale pour Huyen (Danang) connaissant très bien l’histoire de son pays grâce à lui nous avons appris beaucoup de chose.


Je tiens à vous dire que nous sommes très satisfaits de notre voyage et que votre prestation a très bien répondu à notre attente.
Groupe de Madame Danielle et Monsieur Jean Luc

Groupe de Madame Danielle et Monsieur Jean Luc

Nous remercions vivement l’équipe et le directeur d’Agenda Tour Vietnam pour ce beau voyage.
Groupe de Mr Fabrice Andreolli - 5 personnes

Groupe de Mr Fabrice Andreolli - 5 personnes

Dans l’ensemble, nous avons vu de très beaux paysages, de moins belles choses mais dans la plupart des cas, nous avons croisé des gens bien sympathiques, souriants et disponibles.
Groupe de Mr Jean-Pierre KERLING

Groupe de Mr Jean-Pierre KERLING

Soyez en sûre, je vous ferai une excellente publicité, et je vous remercie encore une fois d'avoir préparé ce voyage sur mesure pour nous.